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As an Author, Speaker, Master Practitioner of NLP & Hypnosis, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Behavior Change Specialist & IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, Emily has been in the Coaching, Health & Fitness industry for 15 years. She’s helped thousands of physically & mentally burnt-out entrepreneurs & execs transform into healthier, more balanced business leaders with greater impact while improving their health, wealth & relationships. She does this by teaching proven techniques partnered with neuroscience to re-wire the brain.

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‘Level UP’

your life?

Is The Breakthrough For You?

This program IS for women who can relate to the following statements:

  • I have goals I want to reach, but something keeps holding me back and I don’t know what. 
  • I’m ready to release my limiting beliefs and unlock my true potential for success.
  • I feel like I have less control over myself or my emotions lately and I’m more easily triggered.  
  • I’m looking for a significant transformation & a deeper understanding of myself (specifically with my body, business or relationship).
  • I’ve been on a personal growth journey and I’m ready to level up!
  • I feel fed-up with my current situation in life and don’t know how to move forward.
  • I’ve tried many different programs and methods, but still don’t seem to have found a solution that’s worked for me long-term.

This program IS NOT for women who can relate to the following statements:

  • I feel completely in control of my state. I never get triggered easily or upset by others.
  • I’m not responsible for anything that happens in my life. It’s entirely out of my control. 
  • I’m comfortable with staying stuck and not taking ownership for my current situation.
  • I feel fully healed in my past and it’s not affecting my current life.
  • I have no desire to deepen my understanding of myself.
  • I have no intention of investing in myself or the changes I say I want for myself.
  • I feel 100% motivated all the time to execute my goals & don’t feel I need support to reach them.

Results Others Have Experienced

After completing ‘The Breakthrough’ you’ll walk away with:

  • Increased self-esteem & self-respect from consistent following thorugh on what you say you want for your body, business & relationships
  • Improved sleep, lowered anxiety & decreased depression
  • Increased energy, time & focus for the goals & people you value.
  • Improved mood, motivation & overall well-being
  • Less guilt, anxiety & stress because you’re done with avoidance and procrastination!
  • A personalized, step-by-step guide to creating peace of mind & confidence to reach your specific goals. 
  • Tools for honest & direct communication in both your personal & professional life to increase income & communication.
  • Tools to rewire the brain for consistent action toward your goals as you continue to navigate life.
  • Less negativity & more positivity (you will exponetially increase your view for what’s possible for you)!

Personal Note from Emily

Just one

more thing…

Deep down
you already know
if this is something
you want (or need)
to do for yourself. You can trust yourself.

If you’re ready to step into the ‘next-level you’ then that means you’re in the right place!

Don’t waste another minute feeling frustrated, stuck, or hopeless with your thoughts or behavior.

YOU are in control of your life & your health.

Wouldn’t you say it’s time to start acting like it?

We’re here to support you every step of the way. Go ahead and apply below and we’ll see you there!

Still Need Some Convincing?

Give our incredible clients a minute to brag about the results they’ve achieved:

Before the programs I struggled with balance in my life. I feel a lot less stressed now. I’m taking time for myself and I’m enjoying myself more while moving towards my goals. If you’re thinking about it, just do it already!

Addie S.

Before the programs I was avoiding myself. It’s helped me break patterns that I was not recognizing. I’m more aware and living in the present. I don’t know what I thought was so hard before doing this Program!

Reeda M.

I’m not the same person. I have more self-confidence and feel so much better. People keep saying I look completely different. Before the programs, I wasn’t able to talk about how I feel (specifically with my family), but now I can. It gives me peace and now I have the strength and courage to face my fears.

Inma M.


The Breakthrough

Wouldn’t you say it’s time to stop avoiding yourself & start investing in yourself?

Isn’t it better to choose to trust yourself rather than feeling out of control?

You’re not on an island alone. We’re here to support you!

Let’s have a convo to see how we can best serve you!

Self-love is accepting yourself.
Self-confidence is owning it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Mental & Emotional Release® (MER®) ?

Mental and Emotional Release® (MER®) is a clinically researched therapy & technique to help individuals release stress, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions & limiting beliefs that affect performance, both physically & mentally.

The MER® model has become widely known as the most effective method for creating quick, lasting change for an individual.

MER® allows us to get to the ‘root cause’ of your problem and allow you to release it permanently. The MER® Therapy model has become widely known as the most effective method for creating quick, lasting change for an individual.

2. What Is The Breakthrough Program?

The Breakthrough is considered Private Alternative Therapy. During The Breakthrough Program, our Team will take you through this proven process to allow you to create your desired outcome.

The Breakthrough Program is a transformative experience designed to help high-achievers who are ready for change overcome emotional barriers, release limiting beliefs, and achieve their goals. Through a combination of powerful techniques such as Mental and Emotional Release, Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy the program empowers individuals to make profound shifts in their lives.

3. How does The Breakthrough work?

The Breakthrough Program offers a transformative experience designed to help high-achievers who are ready for change overcome emotional barriers, release limiting beliefs, and achieve their goals. Through a combination of powerful techniques such as Mental and Emotional Release, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy the program empowers individuals to make profound shifts in their lives.

Once you enroll in The Breakthrough, you will gain access to the course materials where you will be able to watch the video lessons & listen to the audio materials for additional guidance. Completing the exercises within the Lessons will solidify what you’ve learned & increase your success with lasting change.

A Master Practitioner from our Team will be paired with you to guide you through your own Transformation.

4. How long does The Breakthrough take to complete?

2 Weeks (Total):

  • 2 Consecutive Days | (5 hrs each day w/ breaks)
  • 1 Follow-up Session | 1 week after (60-90 min)

On average, participants complete The Breakthrough within 2-4 weeks, dedicating 1 hour per week per week to the course materials. (We provide specific audios, videos & handouts to support you alon your transformation).

This Program is designed to be 1-on-1 Private Alternative Therapy allowing for gradual progress and integration of the transformative techniques.

5. Is this Program in Person or Zoom?

The Breakthrough can be conducted remotely via Zoom Video Calls. Our clients are able to remain in the comfort of their own home or chosen destination.

All sessions are held online, allowing for convenient and flexible access from the comfort of your own space. Whether you’re located near or far, you can benefit from the transformative power of the Breakthrough Program without the need for in-person sessions. The remote format ensures that you receive the same level of support, guidance, and impactful results as you would in face-to-face sessions.

We’ve had excellent success with clients all around the world using this format.

6. Can I access the course materials after I complete the Program?

Yes, once you enroll in The Breakthrough, you will have lifetime access to all the course materials. This allows you to revisit the content whenever you need a refresher or want to reinforce your new mindset and behavior.

7. Who can benefit from the Breakthrough Program?

The Breakthrough Program is beneficial for anyone seeking profound transformation and change in their life. Whether you’re a high-achieving entrepreneur aiming to overcome emotional barriers & achieve balance, fulfillment and success or an individual feeling stuck and burdened by limiting beliefs, this program provides the guidance and support needed.

It is suitable for those committed to change & willing to release emotional weight to create positive change in their life, business or relationship, regardless of background or circumstances.

8. How do I determine which area of life I should focus on for the Breakthrough Program?

Determining the focus area for the Breakthrough Program is a collaborative process based on your goals and specific needs. Your Breakthrough Practitioner will work closely with you to identify the area of life that will bring you the most benefit and transformation. Through discussions and consultations, we will determine the focal point that aligns with your goals and supports your overall well-being at this time.

And you can always do another Breakthrough for another area of life once you’ve completed the first. Every practitioner has done multiple Breakthroughs themselves and can share more about this experience.

9. Is there a refund policy?

We do not offer a refund policy for The Breakthrough. Our team delivers 150% to support you in this process and in reaching your goals. It’s also up to you to take full ownership for your results.

10. What are the benefits of the Breakthrough Program?

The Breakthrough Program offers numerous benefits, including the ability to release mental & emotional weight, overcome limiting beliefs, gain clarity and direction, enhance confidence and self-esteem, improve relationships, and achieve personal and professional goals.

All of this allows individuals to improve their sleep, mindset, positivity, anxiety, depression, overall well-being, motivation & clarity. It provides a transformative experience that empowers individuals to create lasting positive change in their lives.

11. How is The Breakthrough Program different than Therapy (CBT)?

The Breakthrough Program is significantly faster & has been proven to have long lasting effects – more so than traditional Therapy (CBT). It differs from traditional ‘talk therapy’ by focusing on the Unconscious Mind (which drives 95% of our behavior) while creating profound shifts in the present to achieve desired outcomes and goals.

We utilize techniques such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Mental & Emotional Release to overcome barriers and release mental & emotional weight. The program is time-efficient and goal-oriented, providing significant results within a shorter time frame. It is important to note that the Breakthrough Program is not a substitute for therapy or ‘medical’ treatment for mental health conditions.

12. Why is there an application process?

We do not accept everyone for this program as you must be willing to change and accept 100% ownership for your results. If you’re someone who is willing to be coachable & guided through a transformational process then we’d love to work with you!

The Breakthrough Program may involve some additional resources and commitments to ensure you receive the maximum benefit. In addition to the sessions themselves, you may be assigned tasks, exercises, or readings between sessions. These resources are carefully selected to support your progress, deepen your understanding, and prepare you for the next session.

To fully engage in the Breakthrough Program and achieve lasting transformation, your commitment to actively participate in the assigned tasks and activities is essential. This commitment allows for the integration of breakthroughs, reinforcement of techniques, and the development of empowering strategies tailored to your specific goals.

Rest assured, any additional resources or commitments will be discussed and tailored to fit your needs and schedule. The goal is to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance throughout your Breakthrough journey, empowering you to achieve your desired outcomes and create lasting change in your life.

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